Tree Stewardship

Become a Mission Garden Tree Steward!

Your donation will support a tree in perpetuity and includes a plaque at its base with its name and a custom message from the donor.

The Kino Heritage Fruit Trees include:
Pomegranates, quinces, figs, Seville oranges, sweet limes, plums and apricots, peaches, loquats, jujubes, olives

The native trees include:
Acacia, Velvet Mesquite, Screwbean Mesquite, Foothills Palo Verde, Blue Palo Verde, Ironwood, Canyon Hackberry, Mexican Elderberry, Cottonwood and Gooding’s Willow

Stewardship encompasses everything necessary to establish each tree, keep it alive and thriving, and create a permanent dedication plaque.

Sponsorship of a Kino Heritage Fruit Tree or a native tree is $1,000.

Group and project sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Thank you very much for supporting our effort to honor, preserve, protect, and promote the cultural heritage of our region, of which Mission Garden is an important part and the first project of the Tucson Origins Heritage Park.

Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.